Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Today is the final radiation treatment for my teammate at work. After months upon months of weekly chemo treatments followed by daily radiation treatments, she has made it to this first finish line. She is one step closer to being a breast cancer survivor.

She is the epitome of strength and courage. If she's been scared, as I'm sure she has, it's never once graced her determined face. She's consistently shown up to work when the rest of us would've probably made the decision to take an extended leave of absence or at minimum called out sick when the treatments were getting the best of us. Not her. She's tough. She was going to live her life and she has.

She's faced this challenge  struggle  devastating news  obstacle battle with a spirit of hope, courage and positivity. I've never once heard her complain. I'm honestly not quite sure how she's done it. As a bystander, I've gotten to see cancer a little more closely than I had before. Watching someone go through the stages of hair loss can be a life lesson in itself, but watching someone own it and make the best of it, can also be inspiring. It definitely makes you second guess your petty stance on "bad hair days". And watching someone face this disease head on like a victorious champion before the treatments even started has taken inspiration to a new level in my book.

Cheers to our fighter, our champion and our inspiration today. Today is your day. And I pray that thousands of tomorrows are your day too.


Mama D said...

Lovely tribute to an amazing woman, Britt!

Brittany F. said...

Thanks, Mama D!