Thursday, February 27, 2014


Today is a good day. I could care less that it's yet another day with negative degree wind chills (only today will I not care of such things). Today is the day that I can shout it from the mountain tops that one of my absolute favorite people on the planet is having a baby. Woohoo!! So glad the cat is out of the bag.

My friend, let's call her T-Payne, is only 3 weeks behind me on this journey and I could not be happier. Going through this journey for the first time is amazing and scary and confusing and mind-blowing, and to be able to share all of our questions, joys, nausea, etc...has been a blessing.

I cannot wait to hear as their details unfold, i.e. boy versus girl, registry choices, etc... I can promise you that if they are blessed with a girl, this self proclaimed "Aunt Britt" will be stock piling hair bows to be smuggled into the little one's hair when mom isn't looking! Maybe her stance on all things girly has changed, but in the past she swore her daughter would never wear bows, etc... I'm determined to preform hair bow ambushes every chance I get (sorry in advance, T). I will make sure some of them have Gamecocks on them though. And some Bulldogs too. Citadel Bulldogs, that is. Sorry, S-Payne.

To T-Payne, her hubby and step son, I've told a hundred times and I'll probably continue to tell you, but I'm so happy for you. I'm so happy you found each other and that now you're going to create this little person who is perfectly you (both of you). Praise the Lord for letting us walk this journey together. You're going to be an amazing mom. You already are, actually, so this will be a fun transition. Can't wait for Kickoff in Sept! I'll have my poms ready!

Bring on Baby Payne!

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