Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday High Fives

I promise to have a bit more creativity running through my veins next week, but this week, I'm just limping toward that finish line. Can anyone else relate?

This week I tip my hat to the following smile makers:
  • The return of Parenthood. Please don't make us take a break like that again mid-season, producers. I missed you, Bravermans. And if you happened to watch it last night, I'm guessing you were right there with me and my happy tears and giggles as one by one the siblings showed up to rescue Julia in her solitude. Man, I wanted to join their dance party! That family, they just get it. Like, really get it.
  • The official kick-off to Shamrock Shake season, what, what! I love those little bundles of chilled, green goodness. And for those haters out there who scoff at its ingredients...take it elsewhere. I ain't hearin' it. These suckers come around once a year and I'm indulging. PS...there's apparently "yoga mat" chemicals in your beloved Starbucks' drinks, so let's call it even, shall we?

  • An impromptu dinner with our brother-in-law last night. It was the first chance I've had to really hang out with him outside of a family gathering, so it was nice to be able to chat more one on one. He's pretty cool. I think we'll keep him;)
  • Roadtrippin' it this weekend. Snow, just chill out for one weekend, okay?
  • Fresh fruit. I'm loving it during this pregnancy. I've never been one to eat much fruit on a daily basis outside of bananas and my smoothies, so this has been a fun change and the healthier of my cravings.
  • Extra cuddles with Wrigley this week. He's been clinging to my side more than usual and this fur mom is soaking it up.

  • The Hubs being a rock star at his job in 2014. He's cranking out some killer work and even going above and beyond to help some friends. I think I'll keep him too.
  • My mom's oral surgery went well and is healing nicely.
  • Getting my hair done. Apparently prenatal vitamins can make your hair grow rapidly. Great for your hair. Bad for your roots. Yikes.
  • The Divergent trilogy. Starting the 2nd book tonight!
  • Brainstorming baby names. The possibilities are endless.
  • Receiving this text and photo from a dear friend, Soles, last night...

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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