Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Got Christmas Cheer?

Happily married, white female seeking someone to lend some of their Christmas cheer and festiveness so that I may have the energy to decorate my home. Payment will be made via Christmas cookies, carols, and hot cocoa upon completion. Oh, and maybe some seriously good and buttery party mix if I can muster the extra energy. Only serious offers accepted. I may be tired, but I ain't looking to decorate a Charlie Brown tree either. Just sayin.

I love Christmas, I really do. I love the sights, sounds, smells of food and burning fire and evergreen. I love the music and parties and any excuse to gather together. And I love the celebration of our Lord and Savior. He is the reason for the season, after all.

What I don't love is how extremely tired I am this year. When they say a "weary world rejoices" I will be raising my hands in an agreeing hallelujah. I'm exhausted. I'm not quite sure how I got here, but it's really quite sad. Two nights now I've planned to put up our tree by a roaring fire and two nights now I've fallen short. I'm telling you, just sad, y'all.

I want my house to be pretty and cozy and welcoming. Dang it, though, if that doesn't require energy. Seriously, our Halloween pumpkins just finally exited stage left yesterday. Yesterday. As in Dec. 3rd. I was truly tempted to call them "Christmas pumpkins" and see how many people would buy it or at least let me get away with it to my face and then talk about me later. Fine by me, that's how tired I am.

Between a year full of 6 trips to Charleston, 2 family trips, joining 3 local committees and boards,  working full-time, working part-time and now opening a shop, I'm afraid I used all 12 months of my allotted energy within the first 10 months. And this folks, is what remains. A frazzled, yet too tired to be adequately frazzled, moments away from snapping and falling into a heap of "I give ups" and "what the ever loving heck am I doing?" mess of a girl.

So consider yourself warned if you come to my home this Christmas and our tree looks an awful lot like a tall pile of laundry with a star slapped on the top and our usual homemade party mix tastes an awful lot like I just opened a bag of store bought Chex mix, hid the evidence bag in the trash can in our garage (because let's face it, if you venture into our garage, the last thing you'll worry about is whether or not the party mix is real and more about thoughts like "Help! I'm trapped amongst massive amounts of junk! Did I just hear an animal?? No one is going to find me until 2014!!!!").

The one thing I promise to muster energy for is our Lord's birth. That one, I can do. Willingly and gladly, with a joyful heart. A weary, bone tired, yet joyful heart.

As of Dec. 26th, please do not wake me until Jan. 1st. I don't even think I have New Year's energy that year. But I will the rock the mess out of some holiday sleep. Believe it.

And if anyone else out there feels weary too, you're not alone. Let's muster some hutzpah together, friend. We. Can. Do. This. Let's just rest our eyes for a second and then start. There's always tomorrow, right?
Happy Holidays, y'all (yawwwwwnnnnnnn)!

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