Monday, October 14, 2013

Junk in the Trunk

This past weekend was spent in my happy place. And for those that don't know, my happy place is amongst old, well loved items. Cobwebs suddenly don't scare me when they're attached to a new treasure. Being covered in a little dust, rust and dirt doesn't phase this girl when I'm out junkin. I find that it's actually good for my soul.

After a few crazy weeks of travel and work, I spent half of Friday and all of Saturday on the hunt for treasures. Each time I walk up to a sale, store, barn, heart speeds up ever so slightly. You just never know what awaits you. It's marvelous!  And with a new adventure on our horizon (hint, hint), it was a good excuse to enjoy a perfect fall weekend whilst hunting for new inventory!

With coffee in hand, some bacon in my belly thanks to the Hubs always cooking breakfast for us on the weekend, and the sunroof open, we hit up a few, local shops and my favorite barn sale of the year. If you haven't been to Nellies Barn Sale in Roscoe, and you're local enough to get there, do it! You won't regret it. Although I am torn in sending more people her way as that's more competition once the flood gates open! But, I like you, so therefore I shall share that tip with you. There's everything from seasonal home décor, homemade candles and décor, vintage and antique to your heart's content, complimentary live music and cider, etc... Does it get any better than that, friends? Not to this girl. Never to this girl. And it's a great excuse for a girls' day out!

So today, I let you in on some of my new treasures for our new endeavor. We're not going public just yet, but when we do, you'll be the first to know;) Because you are my people and I think you're pretty cool.

Until the next sale that steals my heart, I bring you my latest finds... God bless, junk. Really.

And, side note, my SV partner and I have officially been invited on our first "pick"! Like, a real "pickin" through a barn (or about 8 barns in this case). I cannot wait. I may need to sell donate plasma, and maybe a limb, before we go so that money is no object (yeah, right). Ahhhh! Bring on the dust!

Who doesn't want to make pretty things on this "robin's egg" blue work bench? I do! Pick me!

I would like to tuck a bottle of wine, or water, into the bottle holder on this rusty beaut and ride off into the fall leaves. Vines on the seat and spokes, and all.

Sometimes you just have tuck your tail between your legs and tell your husband that you bought another table. Again.

Oh the places this steamer trunk could've been! With one of the cargo stickers still on the side, we know where it went for at least one trip. I bet it once held fancy hats and postcards. 

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