Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm Baaaacccccckkkkkkkkk

Whew! I made it through about 5 weeks of event he@# and have lived to tell the tale. It was touch and go there for awhile, folks, I'm not gonna lie. There were tears shed, moments where I literally laid on the ground and said "I can't keep going" over and over again until I found a tiny sliver of energy left in my pinky toe and drug myself off of the floor. It wasn't pretty, but I made it.

From wedding rental deliveries to staging a full blown styled shoot for Simply Vintage, to wedding expos set-up and schmoozing, to a bridal shower and then to a 300 person corporate event and finally my dad's 60th retro bash, events were created and had and everyone seemed pleased and celebrated so it was worth it. However, if you ask me to plan anything in the next 5 days, I may punch or vomit or cry. If you ask me after the 5 day window, I'll probably take a deep breath and dive right in because I'm an event crazy fool like that. I'm not sure if it's a strength or a flaw, honestly.

After 5 weeks of event bliss (or he@# depending on what day you spoke with me), here are just a few of my "low fives" (get it? Low fives as in non-high fiveness, as in not good, as in "if you do one of the things, I shall be greatly annoyed"):
  • Tear down after any event. I despise the tear down. Is it not enough that you've been setting up  since 8am, you've endured the 5 hour event, and now, in your 14th hour of the work day, you must tear everything down before you can go home and get off of your aching feet?
    • If you want to create a new business, create a wedding and event tear down business. You will kill it! I would pay not to have to tear down what took me 6 hours to create.
  • People who don't RSVP. And, I myself, am guilty of this from time to time, sorry.
  • People who show up late to help set-up.
  • People who show up unprepared to help set-up. If I can manage a list of about 85 things that I need to be able to set-up, please come prepared with your ONE task. Or I will hate dislike you for at least an hour or so. And then once the hatred subsides, because I hate to dislike anyone, I will declare that you, friend, are handling tear down by yourself. Boom.
    • And then I'll actually help you tear down because I'm a nice person, so in the end, the jokes on me. But hopefully, for at least a little while, you'll think that tear down is all on you which will make my heart a bit warm and fuzzy.
  • Trying to envision and create someone else's vision. I'm learning how someone describes their vision, may not actually interpret into what they have in their head. Or their vision may be something totally different once they see it played out and want a totally new vision. Insert deep breath here.
  •  Being the coordinator for an event that is not your own is a new level of challenging. Bending over backwards until you swear you might break simply needs to happen. In the end, it's their event and I've never been one to handle someone's disappointment well. Anger is one thing, but when I think someone is disappointed, it cuts deep and I want to avoid it at all costs.
  • Asparagus pee. This has nothing to do with events, but we had asparagus for dinner last night and I'm giving it a low-five today due to it's after effects. Gross.
Alright, what can we plan next? Just kidding. Sort of.

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