Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Noise

Over the last few nights, at approximately 10:45pm, a loud "pop" can be heard outside of our home. It's really loud, like a boom/pop/crash all mixed together, and we have zero clue as to what is causing the boompopcrash.

Me, being me, am convinced it was a gunshot and that we're next. Surely the neighbors are being shot one house at a time and the gunman is headed straight for us. The Hubs tried to convince me it's the church across the street slamming their garage door. Umm, yeah, but no. That would have to be one heck of a monster garage door being shut at about 40 miles per hour to make that noise. I get that he was trying to protectively divert my attention away from a possible gunshot, but, c'mon. A garage door? He also suggested a cannon. That made a little more sense, but I don't recall seeing any cannons in the neighbor's yard when we walk the dog.

The best part about this noise phenomenon is that my Hubs never acknowledges loud noises. Never. I've noticed over the last year since I moved in, that if something pops, booms, or even bangs against the side of our house, he doesn't move a muscle. He won't even blink. I have to ask if he "heard that" and he'll always say yes, but is never the one to acknowledge it. I think he thinks if he doesn't acknowledge the noise than it didn't happen. However, it does happen and it cracks me up. I asked him last night if he thought acknowledging odd sounds was a sign of weakness and he laughed and assured me that's not why he does it, but I can't fathom why else he doesn't fess up to hearing the branch hit the roof or the cannon being fired off at 10:45pm? And they say women are confusing?

So, tonight, I think we'll do a stake out. I'll have the Hubs watching the church garage door across the street, and I'll survey the neighbor's yard for any cannon blasts. And if I don't post anything tomorrow, please alert the authorities that I was right and that our poor neighbors have been picked off one by one and we were schedule for Thursday evening, promptly at 10:45pm. And, cops,  don't even bother questioning my Hubs. He'll act like he didn't hear a thing. Trust me.

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