Monday, August 12, 2013

Flower Power

Ah, the power of the flower. It's funny how something so natural can carry so much power. I've always been one of those girls that loved receiving flowers. Ever since I was little I've loved them. I've also known girls that thought they were a waste of money. "Flowers eventually die" they'd say. My rebuttal..."who cares, they're so pretty?!" I've always silently questioned their rationale. Do they really believe that or do they say it so when they don't get them on special occasions, no harm no foul, because "they really don't care for them anyway".

Whether they were a special treat after an ice show or skating competition, from a boyfriend, or even a secret admirer, they've made my day over the years. I was lucky enough, and slightly creeped out at the same time, to have received flowers from 2 different secret admirers. In college, they actual sent a dozen roses 3 days in a row with clues attached. It was glorious and alarming, but mostly glorious. "Sends flowers just because" was even on a list I created about 7 years ago when I sat pondering all the qualities I'd love to find in a husband someday. Maybe I should've been a florist and missed the mark?

On Valentine's Day for the last 10 years of my life, I've worked in an office made up predominantly of women. On that special day, our main entrance was literally a parade of florists. Each time a new one would arrive, we'd all gather to ooohh and aaahhh over the newest delivery. And each time I'd hold my breath and hope it was for me. Sometimes they were and sometimes they weren't, but man they brought some adrenaline to my day like no cup of coffee could do.

Today a florist pulled up, for no apparent reason, and as I watched the man grab the sweetest flowers out of his van, my heart sped up. It wasn't my birthday or Valentine's Day, but yet again, even the thought of a special, surprise delivery made my heart race a bit. Silly little flowers, seriously, how do you have so much power??

Alas, they weren't for me, but for a split second they were, even if only in my head. And they were lovely. Think she'll notice if one by one they're siphoned out of her vase into mine?

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