Wednesday, August 14, 2013

She's Gettin' Hitched

This weekend is dedicated to one of my utmost favorite people on the planet. My sister from another mister is getting hitched this fall and tomorrow I'll embark on a girl's weekend to celebrate her and officially kick off their wedding season! To say I'm excited would be a huge understatement. I'm so ready. There is major clock watching taking place today. Major.

What I love so much about this season in her life is everything that led up to this point. We've been through college as frienemies, break ups and broken hearts, losing loved ones, about 11 birthdays where I forced sweet talked her into having a birthday party to celebrate her when she swore no one would come (they always came), drive-bys of ex-boyfriends' homes (some may or may not have involved hummus), living together, living as neighbors, and living 1,000 miles apart. She's been my go to person for over a decade. She's the one that I forced, yet again, sweet talked into doing armpit checks when I thought my deodorant had thrown in the towel (just being honest, people), and now when I have similar issues that I need questionable back-up on and I ask the Hubs to assist, he responds with "can't you call Tracy about this?"

This girl put up with my annoying football questions for years while coaching together. She jumped in the car one night when I called at midnight after being blindsided by a break up and although she was out having fun downtown with friends, before I could even finish my opening statement of "______ just broke up with me", she responded with "I'll be home in 15 minutes. Hang on, I'm coming."

I say all of this to give you context of her and our relationship, but honestly, what I love the MOST about this weekend is that it makes every time we all confidently told her "you WILL find him. He's out there. I promise" 100% truth. I wish I had saved some of our email chains from the last 6+ years. She'd question her dating journey often, as I think we all do. I'd watch her doubt herself through her words and I hated it because I KNEW in my gut that someone was out there, waiting for their paths to cross. She was far too cool and far too into football to not meet some dude who would think she hung the moon. I'd tell her hang in there, don't stress, he's out there, you're going to make some guy really happy when he sees how much you love the Gamecocks...

And guess what? He was. He is (aside from the Gamecocks;). And they found each other when the time was right. Some things just had to be ironed out before they could meet, but he found her. I've never seen her more happy, and more comfortably confident in their relationship and who she is to him. There's no doubt he's the real deal. AND, she loves his adorable child as if he were her own. And something like that doesn't come easily to everyone and it's not something you can force. It's real and I'm so happy, excited, and thankful that they found each other when they did. It was just meant to be.

In the words of my favorite Bridesmaid, Kristin Wiig "I'm ready to par-tay!" There's nothing like a great love story to jump start a party!

Cheers to our girl! We can't wait to celebrate you all weekend!

Our girl- T-Money, Sweet T, Thrilla, Schmoops, T-Payne

Mr. Right and Future Mrs. T- Payne.

Keep in mind these animals are about 7 feet off of the ground. Hence the slight fear in our eyes.

The Amazing Flying, Tracy.
You know you're with a best friend when activities like this seem like a blast on a Friday night.

Pretty even in bad wigs.

Ever want to hear a funny story? Ask us about this photo. Hmmm, maybe a future blog post perhaps?

Just singing a little Bon Jovi at her going away party. So glad DC only got her for a year!

Such a fun night celebrating another BFF wedding.

Kisses for Schmoops while vacationing to see a little NKOTB.

In about 94+ days, you'll be wearing another garter:)


hmgarver421 said...

Soooo true!!!! All of it!! (PS I'm sort of amazed she actually wore that Hokies garter!!). Can't wait T!!!

Anonymous said...

She is a her!!!


Karen said...

Love this! So happy for you, Tracy! Miss you ALL!