Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Vintage Explosion

I know my little event rental business isn't trending on Twitter or anything epic, BUT, dude, we've had a vintage wedding explosion this week! I'm worn out. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

In the last 4 days alone, we've booked 2 more weddings which bumps us up to 8 this summer. What started off at 2 weddings rapidly grew to 8, and although 8 may not seem like a lot, when you're meeting with brides, helping capture their vision, and hauling large, vintage pieces up and down stairs and in and out of trucks, it seems like quite a bit of work.

Today alone, I've schedule two more wedding consults with one of the brides asking this morning if she and her fiancé can meet with us tonight. Tonight??!! With their wedding only a month away, I will gladly delay my dinner making ritual for an hour to make sure their day is as special as they want it to be. Thankfully the Hubs is awesome and doesn't mind eating at 8pm, which he did last night thanks to another bride consult.

What a crazy, silly, and fun ride this has been and is becoming! With 8 in our first summer and 3 already on the books for 2014 before we even hit the bridal expo circuit, I'm trying to just sit back and relish in getting to be a teeny tiny part of local couple's "best day ever". Who would've thought?

Thanks to our friends and family for your support, leads on awesome finds, and constantly giving us fantastic word of mouth treatment. You make all of this so much more fun!

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D'Anna said...

So glad to hear things are taking off!! Dick and I are more than happy to help if you need us!