Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Boredomette Finale-Praise The Lord

We made it folks! We've survived the painful path that is Desiree Hartsock's love life. I don't know about you, but it was touch and go for me. I started off encouraged. That was until Des showed up on my screen in episode one sans her infamous bangs that made her stand out to me when she was just 1 of 25 with Sean. Why ruin a good thing? She looked so adorable with the bangs and just like that, they were written out of the script. I should've known it would be all down hill from there.

Although I've stood by my theory that this has been the most boring season ever, I cannot pin point what exactly turned me off. The guys, as a whole, were okay with a few strong, front runners sprinkled in the group. Des was sweet, polite, genuine, and yet, I was un-enthused by each and every episode. I tried, trust me. The Hubs enjoyed this season way more than I did and for that I'm a bit jealous. Oh well, it forced me to take the time to paint my nails which I usually put off. Thanks to ABC, my nails have been painted religiously over the last 8 weeks. Thank you, ABC.

I honestly think what it boils down to is that after a decade of being a hardcore Bachelor and Bachelorette fan, we've pretty much seen it all. They have nothing left up their sleeve. Will I still devote my Monday nights to this TV franchise, duh. But, Chris, can we please find new and exciting date characteristics outside of:
  • Helicopters
  • Beach picnics
  • Repelling from great heights
  • Fireworks as we listen awkwardly to two people make out
  • "Impromptu" private concerts
Give us some new material, puh-lease. We're begging for it. Just watch your #Bachelorette Twitter feeds. When Des' lackluster wardrobe gets more talk time than the actual humans on the show, it's time to change up a few things in a hurry.

As for the finale, my humble, parting thoughts are as follows:
  • Drew is a class act. I was more impressed with him in those final 10 minutes than I have been with any other segment of this season. He was genuine, respectful, transparent, and classy. I loved that he asked her some hard questions that made her stumble a bit. In those 10 minutes, America knew he was real and his love for Des had been real. Love is messy sometimes and one person is always left wondering "could I have done something differently?" Way to go for asking it, Drew. I wanted to hug him in his cute, little gray suit. Drew, as Chris said, you'll be just fine. Keep that perfect chin up, my friend. I give you about 6 months before you're engaged to someone amazing.

  • Brooks looked unsure of his choice to me. Anyone else get that vibe? He looked one word away from bawling the entire After the Rose special. I don't know if he still felt bad for leaving her or if he regretted his decision, but homeboy was feeling something deep down. Chris H., THIS is when America needs you to ask the probing "so let me get this straight..." questions! I was never a huge Brooks fan, but I did kind of feel sorry for him when I saw his new hair cut. It's gotta be hard to see your hair commented on via large, yellow Twitter feeds gracing all of our TVs each episode. His poor hair never got a break.

  • As far as Chris goes, I really don't have much to say. I'm glad he and Des seem so happy, and I wish them both the very best. I wish I had more to say, but he was never one of my front runners, so honestly much of his screen time was spent applying my above mentioned nail polish.

  • Finally, Juan Pablo. 1) Why is the next season not until January??? What's a girl to do between now and then?? 2) Juan Pablo was one of my picks for the next Bachelor, but after his introduction to his season on Monday night, I'm wondering if subtitles might be a smart idea? Did anyone else have a really hard time understanding him? I keep joking with the Hubs that with Juan Pablo "beauty speaks every language", but a whole season of me saying "what did he just say", just might prove that theory wrong. This very well could end up being a long season too. A handsome season, but a long one.
Cheers, Bachelor Nation friends. We made it! Des found love and America found Juan Pablo. It's been real, it's been fun, but it certainly wasn't real fun.

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Karen said...

Oh how I miss watching this with you! it may still be my one guilty pleasure on hulu that I sneak in during nap time, but I have to agree with your sentiments here. Something is getting old. I was never a huge Brooks fan either, but was sort of let down that he didn't show up at the last second of the finale and redeem the fact that she seemed to be settling for something she wasn't 100% sure about. ugh. But then again that would have been so staged that really the actual ending was a bit more of a a let down sort of way.