Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oh, Deer!

So, remember last Friday when one of my high fives was that we were the proud "owners" of a momma deer and her 2 babies? And how I wanted to hug their little necks and feed them? Yeah, well not anymore. Punks. Cute little punks, but punks nonetheless.

The Hubs and I have been anxiously stalking our garden daily. Sometimes multiple times a day. I love seeing orange tomatoes appear on our plants. I love giving them a gentle little roll to see if they're ready for the picking and eating. And with our cherry tomato plant growing like gang busters, we've been counting the minutes until we're ready for a harvest.

Apparently, much to my dismay, our little friend and roommate, momma deer, thought our almost ripe treats were a crop share because she sure did help herself. Grrrrrrrrr. In one swoop, she had crushed my green thumb dreams. Between checking them before work and checking them again at lunch (I told you I'm a garden stalker), she wiped out a whole row of cherry tomatoes and our largest romas as well. You greedy little deer punk, you! Not cool, friend.

And although I still love the daggom deer, because she has fur and babies and I'm hard wired to love animals even when I despise their evil ways, I've taken to good ole Pinterest to remedy this nonsense the natural and green way. With that being said, don't be alarmed if you drop by our home and I'm out in the yard emptying my spice rack of all our garlic items onto our garden area. If we meet up in the streets of Rockford, don't be alarmed if I reek of said garlic. Apparently deer hate garlic? Maybe they're part vampire?

Lastly and most importantly, don't be alarmed if you drop by and the Hubs is tinkling around the garden. That's right friends. I meant to say tinkling and didn't misspell tinkering. Apparently deer also despise urine. When I told the Hubs he'd have to do his part by forgoing the inside facilities for a few weeks, not surprisingly, he jumped at the chance. This is seriously one task on his honey-do list that I don't have to nag him about. And although I never thought I'd be the wife who asks 3 times a day "did you pee around the garden today?", I do so excitedly when he smiles back with an affirmative node. #neverbeenprouder 

So if you pull up our driveway and overhear me yell from the house "don't pee ON the vegetables, but AROUND the perimeter of the vegetables, please", I assure you that we have not lost our minds.

It's 100% okay and natural. Pinterest said so itself.


hmgarver421 said...

OMG. rolling. Please wash your vegetables!!!!!

Brittany F. said...

Haha! I make sure to point out exactly where it's safe to go, I promise. Never a dull moment!