Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Sonia Day

Today my brother's fiancé returns to the States. They've been separated by miles, oceans, distance and time. I know he is beyond excited although I slightly pray that he doesn't read my blog because he's a pretty funny dude when it comes to everything a lot of things in life like Facebook, blogging, noisy eaters and people that breathe too loud. Want to see him loss his mind, breathe a little to loud next to him while eating. Lord have mercy on your sweet soul.

I digress.

All day they've been on my mind. I remember the longest stretch of not seeing Tim while we dated long distance and by week 5-6, I just wanted to see his face in real time. You just want to be to sit next to them on the couch or run to the grocery store with the person you love so much that every day errands seem like a mini-date. There comes a point when their voice just isn't enough, and yet, it's all you've got so you treasure it. You find yourself stuck in the awkward place where you don't want to wish your days away because you still have important and fun things to do and people to see, but somehow your heart just wants to be there. Days, weeks and months ahead of where you are because that's where they are.

Well today, their distance is shortened. In these moments, they get to shrink an entire ocean that once separated them. And time, well, it's finally on their side. Finally.

I've never seen my brother softer than when he's with Sonia. The irritability that can creep in when you're heart and mind are elsewhere finally dissipates. Lord have mercy on our souls;)

So, as I text'd him this morning, Happy Sonia Day y'all! I pray it's all they hoped and planned and dreamed it would be. I'm so glad she's back and I can't wait for their new journey to unfold as they go through the fiancé visa process and can make things official. He claims they don't want a wedding. I say we'll see. If Sonia's moving to the US to be with her happily ever after, she certainly deserves a proper celebration. Tim and I may just through them a reception, and as the Hubs says "they can come if they want too".

Some things just require celebrations. And cake. Lots of cake and hugs. Their union is one of them.

Happy Sonia Day!

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