Friday, July 19, 2013

Grafton, Take Me Away

So after weeks, and what felt like months and years of searching for a vacation spot that would please everyone in my family, I finally found the place. Cue the angel choir "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

Man, I have a new found respect for my mother in law as she's been the head planner and scheduler of their annual Freibergapalooza for years. Who knew each person in my family had so many "must haves"? As I explored our weekend getaway options, some of the things that were thrown my way were (and granted, some of them were mine so I passed no judgment):
  • It needs to be lakefront (okay, that one was actually mine)
  • It should come with a boat (easier said than done)
  • Can it be dog friendly?
  • More than one communal bathroom is a non-negotiable
  • It can't be more than X miles away
  • There has to be other things to do aside from floating on a lake (this one was not mine)
  • Etc...
I get it, I totally do, because if you're going on a trip, you want it to be something you're excited about, right? Me, I just wanted to get away for a few days. And although I gave up on finding something directly on a lake where I could float and splash to my heart's content, I'm happy with our final selection. It also helped in the process that I've 100% given up on getting any sort of a tan this summer and am resigned to wearing jeans even when it's 90 degrees out to hide my pasty legs. So I took one for the team and gave up my lakefront, floating dreams.

So, here is the cozy little adventure that awaits us. I can also taste the vacation food already!

Our little red house that we've rented.

With Grafton, IL being situated on the water, I plan to have many outdoor meals and explore the many local wineries.

Can't wait to venture off into a vacation sunset!


mama spike said...

I can't wait? I hope it is a great as it looks. Just wish Tanner and Sonia could join us :(

mama spike said...

I can't wait? I hope it is a great as it looks. Just wish Tanner and Sonia could join us :(

D'Anna said...

I think I hit the wrong link to comment and you will just get your very own blog forwarded to you!! LOL

anyway, love it!! Send me info in case Dick and I want to go there sometime! When are you going???