Monday, June 10, 2013

"It's really growin' now!"

Grass has become my new sand. Long gone are my weekend beach days that sweetly reek of SPF 15 and saltwater. Adios to the days of beachy hair and golden, freckled shoulders. Now when Saturday rolls around, I find myself brushing the mud and mulch off of my feet where sand once clung.  Instead of freshly, fried seafood on Red's deck over happy hour, we hit up Lowe's and the Hibachi Grill. Ballers, I know.

Ironically, I don't mind. Although I do miss the beach. And freckles. And sand. And crunchy hair...

However, I've loved turning our yard into our own sanctuary. It's definitely been a labor of love and weeds. And quickly I'm learning that although the Hubs does not enjoy Lowe's quite like I do, once he actually finishes a project, he's the proudest "project father" in the world. Like, so proud I swear I caught him talking to his completed tree-scape last week. Actually, I know I did. He can't walk past it without patting himself on the back. It's kind of cute. Now if I could just get him to fall in love with Lowe's trips, we'd be all good in da hood. #springbrookthuglife

And to give you a little tour of our work in progress of a sanctuary...

Before- looking pretty beat down and bare after the winter.

Current- looking much fuller and mulchier (and, yes, I just made that a word).

The Hubs built this fire pit from scratch. So very proud. #Letsburnsomething #Smores

And our humble little garden of tomatoes, peppers, and onions. Shout out to our own personal gardener, Tanner! #growyourown #organic  #greenthumb

With a hundred few more hours and TLC, I hope the fruits of our labor grow as rapdily as this little cuties muscles! I've always had a soft spot for the kid.

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