Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Backwards World

Do you ever look around this tiny little thing called the world and think "what the crap is going on?" Because I do. I do it all the time.

Last night the Hubs and I were watching a new show about the number one resale shop in the country. "Resale Royalty" follows around the owners and employees of a high-end, women's resale shop in St. Louis. To be 100% transparent, it's actually quite intriguing. The Hubs didn't even get up to go read in the other room, which is usually how I gauge whether or not he approves of my show selections. He watched and even participated in friendly dialouge while we watched. Impressive.

Aside from being annoyed by the voices of the characters, I walked away from the show feeling slightly disturbed, torn, bewildered and guilty. Side note- seriously, does everyone in St. Louis have an obnoxious odd, squeaky voice? And does everyone in that city abbreviate everything too or is it just these girls? If so, I don't think I can go there. Ever. Anyway. I was torn because I actually like the concept of the show. Y'all know I love a deal so this show is right up my alley, BUT I completely struggle with some of the extravagance that I see unfolding through my screen.

Why would anyone need to have their home built around their closet? I love clothes too, granted you may not guess that by my humble wardrobe, but come on? Why does someone need half a million dollars worth of clothing, shoes, and handbags? Why is that even remotely justifiable? I cannot wrap my brain around it and quite frankly, I don't think I should be able to. All it does is make me feel guilty, which is bewildering because I'm not even the owner of the extravagance.

Half way through the episode I asked my husband how we can live in a world where people spend $3,000 on a dress that they never wear, that still has the tags on it 2 years later, and yet every few minutes, someone on this planet dies from lack of drinking water? How? Why?

I understand that this might be a stretch for most people. I doubt everyone sits in their living room and equates a random reality show about clothing to the harsh existence of famine and dehydration. At times, I wish my mind didn't take things to the extreme like it does, but come'on. What the crap is going on?

Style Network, how about a show called "Resale Rescue"? Or something glamorous where fabulous people who have been blessed beyond all they could ask or imagine resell their "new with tag" items to build wells in Africa? Or put teen girls through school to get an education and help eliminate human trafficing? Maybe call it Armani for AIDS Awareness? Or Pucci for Produce in Haiti? Manolos for Meals also has a nice little ring to it, don't you think?

Yep, friends, I get all of those activist thoughts from watching 30 minutes of a clothing show. It's exhausting being attached to this brain at times.

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