Monday, May 20, 2013

Vegas, Baby

With a few days behind me and my rendezvous to Las Vegas, I think I've finally re cooped and am ready to get back into the swing of things. Long nights of gambling and partying are not to blame for my exhaustion, like most sin-city goers. I was plum worn out from the ridiculous heat and miles upon miles of walking. How do people actually live there? I'm convinced it's got to be slightly comparable to living on the sun. No thank you.

You really didn't think I'd let this trip go by without it receiving some sort of list, did you?

Lessons learned while vacationing in Vegas~
  1. Leave the sweaters and wraps at home. The people who tell you that it dramatically cools down in the evening are correct. However, when the day starts out at 103 degrees, dropping to 82 by midnight does not a "cool" evening make. Forgo the sweaters. Pack more water. And possibly a flame retardant suit in case you combust in the sun.
  2. Pre-training for Vegas might not be a bad idea. On our last day, we walked close to a full marathon and I paid for it for days. Everything hurt. I'm a wuss, period. I also learned that flip flops are not appropriate walking shoes when you're walking from sun up to sun down. Neither are heels.
  3. When you walk in a group of 2 or more girls, be prepared to stop and talk to every single club promoter. This was new to me. My last trip to Vegas was with my dad and brother, so needless to say, we were not their target audience for the VIP club scene. On this trip, however, we could not walk more than 20 feet at times without being offered free champagne, fee liquor and table service, a VIP booth, and free limo rides to the club.
    1. We took them up on this our first night, but once they realized that we'd been traveling all day and were not going to be the girls to dance on the tables, we all took our new friendship for what is was, and parted ways. Our beds were way more attractive than the dance floor.
  4. Cirque de Soleil shows are 100% worth the money. Go see one if you haven't! I had a headache from brain overload and it was glorious.
  5. Seeing the movie "Think Like a Man 2" being filmed in our hotel was awesome. On our last day, Kelly and I were asked to be extras in the movie. I was so sad that we had flights to catch instead. I'm convinced that could've been my big break!
  6. Tix4Tonight is an awesome way to see some great shows at half the cost. You can only line up the day you want to see a show and hopefully the one you want to see isn't sold out. We waited maybe 15 minutes. So worth it!
  7. Everything is expensive in Vegas; long gone are the days of cheap food and drinks there. If you're going, save up so that you can do everything you want to do. Bottled water next to the pool at our hotel was $6 and when it's 103 degrees, you pay it even though you KNOW it's ridiculous. It was $25 to workout in our hotel. Again, no thanks.
  8. Finding a Walgreens just off the strip was like hitting the jackpot. I kid you not, I left that store on such a high! $1.99 for a gallon of water? Yes, PLEASE!! Who needs gambling when you can win big at Walgreens?
  9. I'm not 22 anymore. Our group was made up of two 30 somethings, one 26 year old, and five 22 year olds celebrating their college graduation. I'm apparently old and I'm fine with that. I no longer need to be center of attention at all times and at all costs. I don't enjoy "fine dining" at Margaritaville and Chipolte when there's so many amazing restaurants to visit, and lastly, I need my sleep. I cannot hang with the night owls and be ready to soar with the eagles the next morning. I want to actually see Las Vegas, catch a few shows, shop, explore the amazing hotels, eat pricey sushi and enjoy a cocktail that does not have "Cabo Wabo" in the title. If that is wrong in Vegas, I don't want to be right.
  10. I have $.25 to claim at the Planet Hollywood Casino. Timmy, when are we going back?! I know this great casino called Walgreens and I win big every time!
Classin' it up in our limo with a tallboy Lime-a-rita. Real Housewives of Rockford style. #GetMeATallboy
Our Pleasure Pool
 Date night at Koi and Cirque's Mystere
VIP ride to Rio

Koi at Planet Hollywood. Delicious and superb service. #TwoThumbsUpKoi

Our thoughtful and delicious surprise from one of the husband's moms. I didn't let the room service waiter in for a minute because I told her she had the wrong room at first. There was an awkward stare down until I spied the 3 champagne glasses. 

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