Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hope Springs

My heart breaks, along with the rest of the country's, for the families in Moore, OK. I can't imagine an entire city being completely wiped out on a regular Monday afternoon. There are no words. Please join me in praying for them today and in the days to come, as I'm sure this is a LONG journey that has only just begun.

On Monday night, during a massive storm, our tornado sirens went off. Being a recent boomerang'er to my Midwestern roots, I immediately lit 3 candles, grabbed a bottle of water, my phone and my precious dog and hit the basement. My husband did not follow suit. He stayed upstairs and watched TV while Piggy and I waited it out underground. I keep thinking about the stories on the news where people in Moore had minutes, if not seconds, in some instances, once they knew the storm was going to hit them directly. The next time the sirens go off, my husband will be in the basement with us. Trust me on that one. Sirens+hail=basement and he will like it.

Just to leave you with a little bit of hope amongst the rubble. Check out this video of a woman in Moore yesterday. I love two things about the video. 1) I love her response when the reporter, who is clearly fishing for an emotional response, asks her if she's able to comprehend what's happened. 2) I love that in the midst of pain and destruction, hope can spring up in the least likely of places. You just never know where a miracle might be buried.


Praying for you, OK and the people of Moore.

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