Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lights Out

Has your day ever taken a turn toward the unexpected? That's exactly how our Tuesday evening went. And I know this post is selfish when there are people in Oklahoma without homes anymore, let alone power, but know that they were on my mind as I sat in the darkness last night.

Yesterday threw me a few curve balls throughout the day with business related issues and all I wanted to do was be home. After a few minutes of tears in the driveway with the hubs, we headed inside to make some dinner and forget about the world. Dinner went smoothly and deliciously with grilled honey lime shrimp & avocado, corn on the cob, etc... We enjoyed an hour of bloopers from our fave, The Bachelor, and then, boom. Lights out.

At first, I thought maybe it was a brown-out, but seconds turned into minute turned in to hours. Darkness. So what do we do, head out to the front porch in our "soft clothes" (aka sweats and no shoes) to watch the cars drive by. It was quite relaxing actually. Until it become 9pm and we were in total darkness and silence. Our phone batteries drained and then died. We tried to read compliments of candlelight, but I gotta give the folks on Little House on the Prairie some credit (yes, that's my only comparison for days before electricity #ChildOfThe80's). Reading by candle flicker is hard. My eyes hurt after about 10 minutes from readjusting every time a flicker happened, which was about every 10 seconds.

Long story short, we missed the Dancing with the Stars finale (although I'm not a huge fan, but I did want to cheer on Kellie P.) and the season premier of So You Think You Can Dance, of which I am a super fan. However, we did catch up on silly stories, I sang a few songs off key to entertain the hubs and Pig, and I made flashlight puppets on the wall. Ahh, simpler times.

It's amazing how much of what I do requires power. I can't even sleep without a fan sound, so going to bed early was even out of the question. Maybe I need to go off the grid for awhile and toughen up a bit? I better charge my iPhone first though. Just to be safe.

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