Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm Not Trashy, But I Do Feel Like Garbage

I'm going to randomly vent for a skinny minute here, but please know that I know that I'm the only one to blame here. Well, me and winter to be exact. We're apparently a deadly combination.

Do you ever just feel like garbage? I feel g-ross lately and I know the answer is an obvious one. I need to work out and be healthier. End of story. The catch...I loathe working out. Which is both ironic and comical seeing as how my Bachelor's degree is in Health Promotion and Physical Education. #Fail  On top of that irony, I was also a competitive figure skater and college cheerleader spending the majority of my life training in a rink or gym or running miles upon miles in 90 degree weather in the south to appease our cheer coach. #Epicfail

Lately all I want to do is sleep and eat cake and sleep some more. I feel anxious every single morning when my alarm goes off and I have to literally roll my lazy self out of bed and into the coldness of winter. It's just so warm in my bed and my sweat pants and my slippers and anything that doesn't resemble professional attire.

I'm pale and pasty and regardless of the threat of sun damage and skin cancer, pasty will never be the new tan. Like ever. I glow in the dark versus having a sun kissed glow. Ugh.

I feel nauseous much of the time which in turn makes me want to crawl under a blanket, after I eat some cake of course.

I need a change. I need some energy. And I need a tan. Stat. In that order.

Anyone else feel like garbage lately?

Now where did I hide that last piece of cake?

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