Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Happy Bachelor Birthday to Me!

I do not know what it is about this show that makes me love it so much. Even during the seasons when I had less than minimal interest in the lead person and swore off the season...for at least 24 hours until I caved and watched anyway, I've stayed a die hard fan. Plain and simple. And what's even better than that, you ask? My hubby is ALSO a huge fan himself. Has been for years, which in turn makes him even more attractive to me.

All day yesterday my coworkers would pop in to see what major plans I had lined up for the big Bday, and when I relayed in a giddy voice that my night would include take-out, cake (yellow cake with butter cream frosting only), wine, my hubby and my coveted 2 hours of Bachelor bliss, I'm not sure they truly bought into just how perfect my night would be for this girl.

Sweatpants abounded and the comments and wise cracks flowed more freely than the wine. A few different times throughout the night I had to remind the hubby to be nice with his words, but my favorite comment from my own man of the hour went a little like this...

Me: "Sean is just so nice. I just don't know if he'll be able to kick anyone off this season."
Hubby: "Well, he clearly didn't have a problem letting Sheena Easton go home."

True dat, my man. I was actually quite proud of the hubb's connection between Katie and Sheena Easton. He's a witty one and apparently up on which hairstyles may or may not give Sean the edge he needs to allow some of these girls to go home. Who will be next??? I'm hoping it's not Lesley M. or Sarah. My verdict is still out on the rest, as many seem to have split personalities already (not a good sign when you're only 2 episodes deep), but I cannot wait to watch the journey unfold!

And just a little bit of Bachelor trivia for you, I actually nominated my now hubby to be one of the bachelors for a Bachelorette season years ago when we were just friends. Whew, that move could've been a big mistake for my future. Big. Huge.

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