Monday, December 10, 2012

House Warming Prep

This weekend, after what feels like foreva, foreva-eva, we're finally having a little house warming par-tay at the Freiberg Plantation. I'm both excited and anxious all at the same time. The actual party will be both the easy and the fun part. The prep on all of the last minute home projects, um, not so much fun.

I'm seriously considering moving the event back a few hours so that people see the exterior of our home sans the brutal honesty of sunlight. With everything that needed to be done, coupled with minor disasters that forced themselves upon us this summer/fall, we've had to focus on one of two areas, inside versus outside. And seeing as how we don't live on the outside of our little nest, ALL of our attention went to the interior. Duh.

What does that mean for the exterior, you ask? Lots of random projects and flaws that I'm just praying no one notices. Our girl needs a major face lift and you can't pant this time of year, so there she'll sit. Untouched, with all of her flaws out there for the world to see.

Would it be weird to ask all of my friends to look directly at the ground as they approach our casa, at least until they are directly, like I'm talking nose practically touching the front door close? Probably a little weird and a little awkward. For the guests. Not me. I'd love it.

On the horizon this week for the hostess (and host) with the most (at least the most home improvements):
  • Painting our main hallway and ceiling
  • Switching out a light fixture here and there
  • Painting a boatload of trim
  • Deep cleaning of anything, both nailed and not nailed down
  • Hanging some final things around the house
  • Spray painting a few curtain rods for a quick, inexpensive update
  • Steaming some new curtains
  • Trying to cover the world's ugliest AC unit that some genius previous owner built straight into the living room wall in the 70's. No joke, this thing is brown and tan and has duct tape accents. What in the world?! Who approved this hot mess?? I need names people! *Side note, the outside of this eye sore is smack dab in the middle of the front exterior of our home too. And it gets better....the exterior is wrapped in garbage bags and wrapped with duct tape. I kid you not. It makes me want to cry. If it were up to me, I'd just spray paint that bad boy , but I'm afraid it must leak if they have it so tightly wrapped in plastic. Eventually that thing is a goner, but for now, in an effort to slightly improve the situation, I have plans to build a cover for it. We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!
So, there you have it. My list of projects to tackle this week. Let the fun begin!

And if I ever get one of those "if you could have dinner with any 3-4 impactful people, both alive and now deceased" perfect dinner party scenarios, I can confidently say that it will include the following people of impact on my life:
1. Jesus, of course
2. Oprah, still love that woman
3. My Grandpa Howard
4. The previous owners of our home so that I can ask many a burning question, with the number one being "What on earth is up with the hideous AC vent held together by duct tape in the middle of my living room wall? The wall?? Really???!! I believe that's what window units were for, kind sir. Now please enjoy your dinner with us this evening. You will find your plate duct tapped to the bathroom wall for  convenience. I know, I know, it seems a bit odd, but it worked for us at the time, you see. I hope you enjoy tonight's meal!"

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