Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving Isn't Just About Writing A Check

Throughout my first week of this challenge, I've found myself laughing and even crying as I've learned more about the people and the community that surrounds me. There is so much need everywhere you look. As a bleeding heart, sometimes to a fault, I want to do everything! I want every single injustice to stop right now. On my watch. It all seems so very unfair. But alas, this world isn't a fairy tale and I have no magic wand (although Christmas IS coming, Santa;).

Regardless of my lack of super powers to clothe everyone, feed everyone, make everyone happy and light and singing Christmas carols together (possible spoiler alert here), I am realizing that there are some pretty fantastic people around me who are already doing everything in their power to tip the not-so-fair scales in the other direction. And that makes me so very happy and light. All we have to do is find them, find a mission that resonates with our hearts, and join their forces.

With that being said, here is a small window into my last few days of giving:
  • Friday- the jail tour was great, and odd, and eye opening, and terrifying all at the same time, however it did not present itself with an opportunity to give other than committing to myself to never let anyone I care about end up there.
    • Funny side note-My hubby is frequently approached by a man asking for money outside of the courthouse, who may or may not be homeless, but is most definitely down on his luck and probably in need of rehab (the man, not my hubby, just to be clear). When the hubs shared with me that he's never given him money, I shared my views on why that hurt my heart (I told you I'm "to a fault"). Well, Friday morning when I grabbed my coffee that Tim always makes and leaves on the counter for me, I found a dollar bill with a note that stated the money was for that man, should I run into him downtown. I laughed and teared up at the same time. That right there, the fact that my hubby was leaving money for this man for the first time, was what this challenge is about. Love him (again, my hubs, not the man;)!
  • Friday, attempt #2- I went to the grand opening of the Rockford Rescue Mission's thrift store and shopped with a purpose. Their tags all read "spend a dollar...change a life." Although shopping may not sound like giving, when every dollar goes to the local rescue mission, AND when you agree to aptiently wait in the checkout line for 2 hours, while visiting with the folks stuck waiting in the same line with you, it sort of takes on a missions all of it's own. So glad I went! They raised a killing.
  • Saturday- this gift was extra special. With Tim's parents renewing their vows after 42 years of marriage, I had the pleasure of making a bouquet for his mom to carry. She had asked each other their children to bring something treasured from their own weddings as her something borrowed, so I ordered her a bouquet charm similar to the one I had and took a stab at my amateur floral skills. It was a sweet task for me, so I was thankful for the opportunity. Please excuse my nails in the 2nd pic, manicure anyone?!

  • Lastly, on Sunday, I made cupcakes to take in for my coworkers to kick off our Thanksgiving week. I've been grateful for their help as I've acclimated to this new position, so this very small gesture is a way to say thanks. And since Twinkies weren't an option... Sorry, had to.
Happy Thanksgiving week to all. Today and everyday, I'm thankful for YOU.

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hmgarver421 said...

You are doing awesome. <3