Thursday, November 15, 2012

Giving Challenge, My First Few Days

Well, I'm only on day 2 of my challenge and just like I thought, it's beginning to seem like a lofty goal for me.

And just to be clear based on a comment that I received, I'm not announcing this challenge to the world because I think I'm cool for wanting to do something for others. I actually launched it publicly because I knew that sooner or later, this challenge would seem harder than it should be and I wanted accountability. All too often, I find myself making inner promises to work out, eat better, read more (although this one has stuck!), etc...and two days later, I find myself back in front of the TV versus at the gym.

As I've said before, I really want to stretch, so I knew I had to make a proclamation. Out loud. And it's not about who reads these posts. It's about commitment for me.

What I'm learning, practically instantaneously, is that giving is easy when you know where to give and when opportunities present themselves to you. The harder part is being creative and finding new ways to give. I don't want to just hand out money, considering they'd have to be teeny tiny amounts of money, but I don't want to just give out $$ every single day for 40 days.

So, here we go... So far I've:
  • Filled a grocery bag at the store with Tim for a food drive at church (Day 1).
  • Tonight I'm heading to Walmart to purchase a gift card for Rock House Kids, where a few members of my Leadership Rockford class are holding a Christmas gift drive. (Day 2)
  • Tomorrow I head to the Rockford County Jail for a tour and session with the Chief and Sheriff. I haven't planned anything out yet because I want to leave this window open for inspiration. I'll be in the heart of downtown Rockford, so I've been praying that my path will cross with someone special. We shall see!
Huge, life altering actions? I think not. Am I WAY more aware of my surroundings right now? Without a doubt! And for me, that's exactly what these next 38 days are about. And nothing else.

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hmgarver421 said...

You are doing a great job. And it is from the heart. Cookies/brownies for the fire station? Picking an angel from an angel tree? Soup kitchen? Asking the library if you can read a book to kids at story time? Lots of ways to give of yourself without it costing you a fortune. Or a fast food meal for a homeless person? <3 You have an amazing heart.