Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's Not Just About The Turkey

I'm a sucker for Thanksgiving. I love everything about it. From the food to the family time, from the sights to the smells and then to the sounds, from the blessings to the gratefulness, it does my soul well.

I told my hubby this past weekend that this past Sunday felt like Christmas morning to me. Although I'm not exactly sure why, it just felt special and I think it had to do with this week being Thanksgiving week.

This week kicks of the official holiday season and I am ready! It's rare for me to not have to pack a suitcase, pay for a flight, and make the 1,000 mile trek home this year. Yet one more reason to be thankful. So this is how the other half lives?!

Why I'm always thankful for Thanksgiving:
  • Family time- I love seeing both sides of my family in one day.
  • Everyone is happy, even if only for 24 Hours- In a perfect world, every day would be Thanksgiving, however I'll gladly take this one special day where everyone stops and gives gratitude for what they do have and not what they don't. I think our priorities shift more to where they should be and it's always a welcome shift.
  • Amazing meals- I love that over the years, everyone in our family has perfected one side dish which we gladly prepare for the feast. The dishes and who'll prepare them are almost traditions in themselves. Me, I'm bringing my sweet potato casserole!
  • Games- My mom's side of the family is large, loud, and we love us some games. We play Spoons and Pit until it hurts. Literally, we will have scratches on our arms and at least a few new ones on the dining room table. Sorry, Aunt Michelle!
  • Car Rides- I've always treasured the rides home from our evening celebration. We laugh so hard it hurts, we replay the games and the bragging rights, and it's always just the perfect close to the day.
Cheers to all that we have to be thankful for this year, and cheers to a day designated for just that.

Good ole fashion gratitude; it does a soul well.

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hmgarver421 said...

I am so thrilled to read this post, Britt. Enjoy it. Lots of love!