Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurers!

Sometimes I get what my lovely mom would call "hair-brained ideas". I've never really understood that euphemism, seems kind of nasty to me, but apparently I'm subject to them on rare occasion. Or not so rare occasions, but I digress.

Well, in my quest for all things retro and vintage, I stumbled across a lovely, little gem on Craiglist. She's everything I love- aqua, retro, recently renoovated so that I can just slide on in, and she's adorably cozy!

I'll be the first to admit that I've never been a huge camper. But when I've gone, I've loved it all but the sleeping part. Too. Many. Spiders. Would those closest to me call me "outdoorsy"? Probably not so much. Would they call me adventurous? Maybe, on a good day, I would guess. But as a newly married gal, some of my fave moments are when Tim and I just cruise in the car. Especially during this gorgeous season of fall. I LOVE to drive through the corn fields, surrounded by vibrant golds, reds, and orange pops of color in every direction. Fall is a gift from the Lord himself. I have a theory that winter in IL is simply ungodly and is thrown upon on once a year to reiterate to have a Heaven we must also have a hell. Any who....

With my gut need to get lost in the country, matched with the desire to travel to see our families that I'm now close enough to for a road trip, this prize really just makes sense. We'd be free to house crash the relatives minus the intrusion part!

I want to load 'er up with delicious road trip snacks, hot dogs, smores, and wine. I want to stuff her cupboard with board games and plaid, flannel blankets for camp fires. I want her to carry great books, fun lanterns, and maybe a pink flamingo or two (or 3;). I want to get lost in her.

Who wants to meet on the open road in this beaut?? I'll bring the Lionel R. and ZZB CD's and we'll be "free as we'll ever be" adventurers together.
Check her out. She's literally calling my name. Daily. By the hour. One phone call away.

Oh the memories we'd make!


hmgarver421 said...

Did y'all buy it?!

BrittM said...

No, but it's still for sale. I really want it, but I also really want new flooring in the whole house so I'm torn. Isn't it so adorable though???

Anonymous said...

you TOTALLY need to get this (or a similar one you can renovate)! We can all road trip and meet somewhere between CA and IL! Where would that put us?? the 1/2 way point appears to be... Denver! Hello, Amy!