Monday, October 1, 2012

Snack Hoarder Confession

If for some reason my coworkers ever drop by my desk drawers to borrow a paper clip or highlighter, they are in for a treat. I am apparently a snack hoarder.

When contemplating if I had anything in my desk drawers to tide me over until the real fun starts I get off work, I realized that I could not only tide myself over but also our entire team if a fluke, flash snow storm were to ensue.

Don't judge. I'm sort of a fat kid when it comes to snacks. High lighters, staples, pens, and Doritos, granola bars, pumpkin spice tea, nutrigrain bars, candy, pretzel thins, and peanut butter, etc... What else does one need to be successful really?

What's in your desk? If you're being 110% honest?

1 comment:

hmgarver421 said...

That is EXACTLY what mine looked like when I worked. Now it is the pantry. And I'm too embarrassed to show you a pic ;)