Tuesday, October 9, 2012

News Revealed...Something Borrowed

Over the last few weeks, and really over the last 8 months or so unofficially, I've toyed with the idea of starting a small, side business that caters to bridal event decor rental.  After collecting items for my own wedding, and doing countless hours of research on what's available to rent versus purchase, a business like this just seemed like an untapped market in my hometown.  A few people do offer your standard rentals such as: table linens, seating, candelabras, votive holders, etc...but it all was so standard. Everywhere you look, brides are constantly reinventing their wedding space with personal touches, so why not offer this here? And with us only specializing in decor details and vintage furniture touches, we won't be seen as a competitor in this market, but hopefully a team player and strong complement for what's already being done.

How it came to be...through random, Craigslist happenstance, I've now teamed up with a local, vintage furniture repurposer (is that even a word?) to turn our little vision into our own shabby chic wedding corner of the world. Or at least Rockford. Who knew purchasing an entry way console from the amazingly well connected Craigslist would result in a new relationship with someone who loves all things vintage as much as I do?! Luck? I think not. Stars aligning via sale postings? Let's certainly hope so.

Now that we've been talking through logistics, our first step will take place later this month with our first photo shoot to showcase our items in action. My mind is racing on everything we'll need and my inventory has officially begun to grow. The coolest part of all of this is hunting for new treasures. With my mom as my co-pilot, we're slowly scouring Northern Illinois for estate sales, thrift stores, etc... Think of us as the Mike and Frank of the wedding decor industry. Gotta love a good ole American Pickers plug!

Stay tuned for pictures from our photo shoot, but in the meantime, please say a quick prayer that this takes off. Worst case scenario, Tim gets to help me have a major estate sale of my own to unload all of my treasures;)

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hmgarver421 said...

That is exciting!!! Good luck! I cannot wait to see the photos!