Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What Friendship Looks Like

  • Getting goosebumps when reunited with your favorite people for the first time in awhile.
  • 5 people walking around Lowe's on a Sunday afternoon because they want to maximize their time together but sometimes you still gotta get stuff done.
  • Riding together with the convertible top down, the radio up, while the clouds race overhead and your cares melt away.
  • Getting a text upon your arrival that simply reads "I cannot wait to see your face and hear your laugh." 
  • Riding the waves of life together and knowing that there is a group of girls who will always have your back and your heart no matter what is thrown your way.
  • Dancing together to every song a DJ plays regardless of sweaty hair and sliding make-up and STILL wanting to take pictures of the beautifully, hot mess.
  • Familiar, smiling faces in a crowd of hundreds at church.
  • Sharing your weekly highs and lows, regardless of distance, and both rejoicing and praying at the same time.
  • Cramming 12 people around an 8 top table without hesitation just so you don't have to be separated.
  • A friend giving you full reign of their home even when they're out of town themselves.
  • Witnessing two of your friends marry one another in a sweet, southern ceremony.
  • A husband who gives his wife the reigns on his vacation so that she can pack as many friends and favorites into the 4 short and precious days. Never once complaining. Even when asked to shop.
  • Feeling someone else's hurt when life isn't going as planned and wishing that you could find something to say that would comfort them.
  • Waking to an ache deep inside when you know you must return home without your confidants.
  • Prolonging goodbyes.
  • Being able to pick up right where you left off.
  • Looking forward to the next time you see their face.
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