Saturday, December 5, 2009

Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Idiocy?

Now I know some people say stupid things and mean nothing by it, often talking just to hear themselves talk, but when what you're saying is completely offensive, it's often best to keep your mouth shut.

As I'm checking out at the grocery store last night, minding my own, I unfortunately became a fly on the wall for the conversation between the cashier and the bagger. They apparently were discussing coupons, freebies, etc... when the cashier (who is usually obnoxious anyway) went off an a tangent. In his usual loud fashion, he began voicing his opinion on how Americans always want something for free and he can't stand it. "Americans need to work for everything they deserve period. Nothing should be free" he stated. At this point I'm thinking nothing of their conversation, other than "I totally wish I had coupons right now to slightly annoy this guy."

A few seconds later the young cashier, who is always friendly and professional (can you tell I visit that BiLo at least 3 times a week) replies "not everyone can work though. What if someone is sick? Or what if it's an American soldier who is now paralyzed after serving his country? What about those incidents?" (Side note, here is when I almost threw my sweet potatoes at said cashier) "Well then we should put them to sleep" confidently and disgustingly replies the cashier. Are you kidding me? Am I on one of those Dateline specials where they see just how much customers will tolerate??? As if this guy hadn't already hit rock bottom in terms of customer service he opens his mouth one more time. Bagger asks "What if this woman's (bagger points to me) husband or family member is paralyzed or injured from battle?" Cashier replies "well then I just invoke my freedom of speech for saying that they should be put down." No apologizes, no remorse, no "I'm a huge idiot", nothing. Just smugness.

I wanted to say something and I should have said something, but I wanted to throw something even more, so I kept my mouth shut until I had calmed down. I drove home in disgust and then decided to call the Manager. I don't like confrontation, but in an effort to shut him up before he does say that to someone who does have a sick or paralyzed loved one, I didn't want to not speak up. He is correct in his right to freedom of speech, but when you are working among customers, that freedom pretty much flies out of the window. You cannot say whatever you feel and if you do, you better make sure you say it in front of a 5'5 female and not someone who will invoke their freedom to punch.

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hmgarver421 said...

Good for you for saying something to the manager. I hope the next time you go in you are composed enough to say something to him.... or even better, maybe he got fired. Everyone should work, right? Good luck finding a job jerk.