Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thank God I Wasn't Born in Jersey!

Although I'm sure it's a lovely place with many lovely people, the new MTV show "Jersey Shore" has completely ruined that state for me. I knew the overly tan, tight t-shirt and spiked hair was never my thing but those guys and gals completely terrify me. Watching muscle junkies "Fist pumpin like champs" and girls who truly believe they invited the hair poof (and i'm guessing the bump-it as well) is a little too much for this southern transplant to handle.  

Granted I've never been there so I could totally be missing out, but the sheer guido-ness of the commercials alone for that show are enough to give me a panic attack. I cannot imagine watching an entire episode of the junk. That'd rate right up there on my fun scale with having to sit through another Widespread Panic concert in my lifetime. No thanks, MTV. That is one reality show you can keep.

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