Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nicaragua Highs

• Seeing Lindsay and Mary waving with huge smiles through the glass of the Managua airport!
• Hugging Amber, Nathan, Mary, and Lindsay after a year of not seeing their faces
• 1 hot shower!!!! Getting the widow-maker to work for the first time ever, including all of last year’s trip!
• Playing Mangoes, Bananas, and Oranges with our Nica church/clinic volunteers as an ice breaker.
• AC at the Hotel Dalinky!!!!!!! Heck yeah!
• Cokes after a long day.
• Scoring a rocking chair for daily recaps and testimonies.
• Joan’s willingness to share her bugspray.
• Laughing with new friends over many dinners
• The return of SIGNS!!!! And many other random mind games around the patio.
• Learning, but never mastering, the Nicaraguan “Dang” hand signal. (I still practice though even though I’m home;)
• Seeing a syrup bottle on the breakfast table before the food arrived. That meant pancakes or French toast versus gallo pinto (rice and beans) for breakfast!! Which in turn meant I’d go to clinic with a full tummy. WooHoo!
• Seeing every child, along with most of the adults wearing the jewelry we made them every day.
• The feeling of simply being back in Managua.
  • Mismar's smile.

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