Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 Reasons I Love Working with Cadets

10. There is never a dull moment, nor a moment of silence (blessing and a curse;)
9. I stay current on the latest lingo that the “kids are saying these days”.
8. They laugh at my jokes. Whether they think I’m funny or they think they have to laugh since I’m the boss, it makes me feel good.
7. It’s awesome to see some of them really embrace fundraising for their alma mater.
6. They let me in on their lives, stories, decisions, etc…
5. It’s awesome to watch someone grow as a leader when I promote them to Supervisor. Their passion and ownership of the Call Center is energizing.
4. I’ve learned the true power of snacks. Snacks= a cadet feels a bit more loved= they have a bit more pep in their step.
3. It’s fun to be able to let the creative juices flow when it comes to themes, incentives, scripting, etc…
2. I get to see first hand the product of The Citadel. Working with cadets allows you a chance to really believe that what we tell our donors is true; The Citadel still produces great leaders!
1. It makes me laugh at how much energy I put into contemplating some of the cadets I dated/liked in college. I now know that the majority of the time they weren’t calling, it wasn’t because they were talking to someone else, it was because they were playing video games or doing stupid college boy stuff with their roommates. Never overestimate the complexity of a male college student. Watching them when they aren’t trying to impress anyone is priceless.

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cmm said...

I love the fact you say you love Cadets. B/c I remember not a too distant past where someone swore they did not like Citadel Cadets.

I must say I do enjoy reading your thoughts and the fact that you can put it out there for all to see.