Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The "Why" Column

o Why does it rain every single weekday afternoon in the summer when I’m stuck in a cubicle, but never when I want to curl up on the couch or fall asleep to a thunderstorm?
o Why did I just eat lunch but I’m still hungry?
o Why is it subfreezing in my office?
o Why do I have to wear a sweater to work in June?
o Why do people look at me funny when I’m wearing said sweaters?
o Why is every show worth watching anymore a reality show?
o Why don’t guys like reality shows as much as I do?
o Why do Heidi and Spencer appear on two reality shows during one season? And why do they make me want to vomit?
o Why does Heidi in one breath say she wants to be the next Mother Teresa and the best Christian alive and in the next breath pose nude for Playboy?
o Why don’t her parents yank a knot in her chain?!
o Why is Lauren leaving The Hills? (insert sad face)
o Why was there not more of a send off for her, seeing as how she was the sole reason a lot of us watched Laguna Beach and The Hills?
o Why do I feel like I lost a friend when I watched her drive away on the season finale?
o Why don’t I feel like a nerd for typing the last question?

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