Monday, June 15, 2009

Coming Out of the Closet

This weekend rocked. I spent Friday night playing with the beautiful baby boy that I was babysitting. Saturday I lounged by the pool, helped my friend look hot for a wedding, and went to Wild Wing to fill my chili-cheese fry craving. Sunday I got to hear an amazing Pastor, spend all day on a boat, and somehow wound up in a strange man’s closet with 7 other people. Interesting highlight to a fabulous summer weekend!

After an hour or two on my friend’s family’s boat, the sky began to turn from sunny and blue to overcast and grey. With the impending summer storm miles away from our boat, we kept anchor, ate chicken and watched the pretty lightening from afar. It wasn’t until the small storm started to envelop the sky that we decided it might be best to make a move in the opposite direction. With the mothers on the boat starting to become nervous, and I use that term lightly as terrified might be more justified, our Captain decided that we might want to find shelter and abandon the lightening rod that we were all sitting in.

Thanks in part to the generosity of two complete strangers who were storm watching from their pier, we were able to dock the boat and find shelter on a wooden (praise the Lord) pier, with a roof to keep us dry. With the mothers fearfully seeking shelter in the storage closet (mind you it’s probably only 4 by 5 feet big) the rest of us watched the clouds and played with the crab traps we found on the dock. That was until a crack of lightening and thunder directly overhead literally made me jump and run to the closet in one motion. In the closet is where I stayed, where we all stayed, as the rain, wind, and lightening stood its ground for awhile.

Never in a million years did I think that I would somehow find myself in a small closet, huddled against 7 of Tracy’s family members, on a stranger’s pier, and praying that the thing would hold against any weight limits it might have, all while two terrified mothers kept breaking out into show tunes to keep their mind off of the storm. With the sun finally trying to peek through the clouds, coming out of the closet never felt so glorious!

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