Thursday, June 4, 2009

Walking, Talking Miracles

A few months ago I received a call from my mom that I had been waiting to receive over the last few years. Although the call went slightly different than I always thought it would, it started the same way that my mind had played over so many times.

“Britt, there’s been an accident in China.” With my little brother, Tanner, living in China over the last few years, and with his sense of adventure coupled with his lack of fear, I knew this call was inevitable. My mom then proceeded to tell me that Tanner was okay but sadly his good friend was not. Matt, Tanner’s friend from home who was living with his wife over in China, had just been in an accident at Tiger Leaping Gorge and things looked grim. Apparently Matt slipped while trying to descend a steep ravine and had fallen over the edge roughly 25-30 feet and landed on his head amongst the rocks. The friend with Matt called Nora and Tanner who were at the lodge and the search for Matt began.

Sadly Matt suffered a split from his eyebrow to the back of his head, fractured his skull in 3 places, broken his neck, and had brain damage. The rest of Matt’s journey was a whirlwind consisting of being carried out of the Gorge by donkey (they did not know his neck was broken at this point and had seated him upright to get him out), and riding in an ambulance for 2.5 hours to the closest hospital where they wouldn’t have adequate care to treat his injuries. The US Consulate called Matt’s parents to notify them that it would take $75,000 just to fly him from the small hospital to care in Hong Kong. This amount would not include any of the other care he’d need. Where does a Pastor’s family come up with that kind of money?
Insert Miracle #1- family, friends, and perfect strangers via Facebook rally and pitch in to fly Matt to Honk Kong.

Once in Hong Kong, Matt’s care was elevated to treat his injuries, but the treatments and healing that lay ahead of him would be lengthy. Weeks later, after the doctors in Hong Kong approved travel back to the states for the best care he’d receive, Matt made the trek safely. The doctors in the states were apparently shocked that Matt had been released so soon, but were thankful that it had happened as they were able to fix a surgery that had been done incorrectly in China.
Insert Miracle #2- a second chance at a correct healing process.

Matt would still need his skull repaired with the insertion of a plate in 4-6 months, had lost sight in both eyes with the exception of peripheral vision, and would most likely need physical therapy for months and months.

Cue final miracle- With all of that being said, I’m happy to report that Matt has made almost a FULL RECOVERY!!! His sight has come back in his left eye (Praise the Lord! Praying for the right eye), his skull has been repaired, and he is miraculously returning to work as a youth Chaplain next week.

Insert Miracle #3- God still heals daily. He can take a dire situation and show up when you think all hope is lost. Prayer works and He listens intently.

Celebrating Matt today!!

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