Thursday, February 5, 2009

No Me Gusto el Peso!

I have never been more excited to see a dollar bill than I am this week. I learned fairly quickly that I am horrible at math while visiting Cancun last week! For starters, why does every location in Cancun tell you the rate for pesos to $'s is different? I guarantee that if you walk into 5 different stores on the way home from work tonight, the dollar bill will carry the exact same worth.

And why, does everyone in Cancun (and yes, everyone, even our 5 star hotel) try and rip you off? Our taxi driver said that "without American tourism in Cancun, there would be no Cancun". With that in mind, why does everyone try to short change you, confuse you, etc... I don't care if the margaritas are flowing down there like contaminated water, 2 made in china magnets are not worth $20. Period. I may be confused by simple division equations, but I am not dumb.

I miss some aspects of beautiful Cancun makes me want to run out and spend dollar bills all over our glorious country!

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