Friday, February 6, 2009

A Sheltered Life

As I imagine many offices around the country are in the same boat this week, my office has been debating the Michael Phelps Marijuana debacle relentlessly.

I think the only general consensus that I'm walking away from each debate with is the feeling that I must lead a VERY sheltered life! Apparently America is overrun with professional hippies. Does everyone I know partake in the illegal drug?

I've heard so many people argue the fact that it should be legalized, but the bottom line is that it is still illegal. Period. I do not feel sorry for someone who chooses to partake in an illegal activity, outside of jay-walking, and then cries "poor me, I was just having fun" when they get caught. You choose, you loose. When you set yourself apart from everyone else in the world and when the whole world stops what they are doing in August to cheer you on and support your dreams and goals, you cannot be angry when the whole world feels as though your blatant poor choice should make headline news.

I understand that no one is perfect and I am far from it on a daily basis. The difference is that I do try to avoid choices that would allow others to doubt my integrity. And I have to think that someone who has set himself up to be a role model for kids across the world, would try and do the same.


Nathan said...
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Nathan said...

Well said, Britt. You ever thought about joining the police?