Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mission Minded Interview

Two of my good friends, Nathan and Amber Babcock, are full-time missionaries in Nicaragua and I was blessed this past fall by serving under their leadership on my first mission trip. As most of you know based on my past blog entries, my trip to Managua was life changing and one that I'll never forget. What you may not already know is that by God's perfect timing, I was placed on a trip that would be hosted by Nathan, my very first friend at Seacoast and someone (along with his amazing wife of course;) that I hold very dear.

A month or so ago Nathan asked if he could interview me for their blog and I graciously agreed as I never pass up a chance to talk about my trip, the people I met, and Nicaragua itself.

If you're interested, please feel free to check out the interview on their website at:

A special thanks to Nathan for allowing me a few minutes to re-live my trip via his interview!

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