Sunday, November 30, 2008

10 Things I'm Thankful for in '08

10. Time at home with my family, both immediate and extended. Who else's family will play "Pit" while shouting "two for two, two for two!!!" for hours of laughter?! And I can't imagine anyone else I'd rather stuff myself to the brim with swedish pancakes than my grandparents and aunt and uncle!
9. Two Thanksgiving meals in one day with the Meyers and the Howard families. Eating until I am uncomfortably full is awesome although I did feel guilty at times since I know somewhere, someone was hungry.
8. A job. Being laid-off in january for four months was tough, but thankfully I am back where I belong at The Citadel. God works in mysterious ways!
7. My own home. I became a new homeowner in January and love having a place of my own.
6. Amazing friends! I'm constantly convinced that I have the most amazing friends that serve as my family in SC.
5. My sweet dog Wrigley aka "Piggy".
4. RHG. What other boyfriend would be willing to forgoe his own Thanksgiving with his family to play cards, go shopping on Black Friday, and gain 10 pounds with mine?
3. My Nicaraguan expierence in '08. I embarked on my first mission trip this year after a few years of waiting and am forever thankful for the trip, people, teammates, and leaders that the Lord placed me with. It is beacuase of this trip that I cannot wait to serve on a lifetime full of mission trips.
2. A home to escape home from. Although Charleston is my home now, I am so thankful for my parent's home in Rockford to escape too when I need rest for my weary spirit. I love my life, don't get me wrong, but I think we all need down time to restore and rejuvinate and my folks have always provided that for me.
1. HOPE and FAITH. 2008 was tough at times with lay-offs and financial trials, but hope has never left my side thanks to faith and my amazing God. I've had some hopeless times in my life, but in 2008 Hope always rose to the top. And for that I am THANKFUL.

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