Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Stress of the 3-0

With only a couple more weeks until I enter yet another decade of my life, I cannot help but feel a bit bummed. I'm not necessarily bummed by the number itself, but more so about the party that is looming ahead.

For people that know me, they know that B-days are huge to me! For example, I cried two weeks ago when I had Strep Throat and had to miss my best friend's 30th. Not only do I like big parties, but themes are a must and costumes are often a requirement. I love to celebrate with everyone that I care about and the more the merrier(although due to my choice in living locations, I don't get to celebrate with my family all too often).

This year however seems bigger than usual. I'm turning 30 and I want to start this decade off with not only a bang but an explosion rather. I want to dance with my friends, take tons of pictures, get dressed up, and leave my 20's behind me! The only catch is that I have 0 dollars to spend, everyone has tons going on in their lives right now, and it just doesn't feel like many people are in the mood to celebrate right now.

I guess it's time to get creative. Go big or go home has always been my motto when it comes to b-days, so why should this year be any different? If no one has time to come, I'll be "dancing with myself" in my party dress.

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