Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Way to My Heart- Show and Tell Tuesday

I'm loving a good link up these days, so today I'm linking up with Momfessionals and Mix and Match Family for Show and Tell Tuesday's "The Way to My Heart" edition.

Although I'm almost certain that there a million and one ways to my heart, here a few that came to mind today...

Donuts- God bless the inventor of the donut, more specifically the cake donut with sprinkles. Every once in a while the Hubs will surprise me with donuts from our local shop, By the Dozen, and it makes my heart and belly so happy.

Christmas Movies- Nothing can make me as cozy, content and heart warmed quite like a good, ole cheesy Christmas movie. And if the Hubs will watch them with me without too much groaning over the bad acting, it definitely hits this heart of mine.

Flowers- Some girls pride themselves on proclaiming that "flowers just die, what's the point", but I am here to say that I am not one of those girls. There is nothing better than receiving flowers. They're beautiful, they're proof that God's creation is meant to be enjoyed, and they just make me feel special and thought of.

The Mundane- Some of the best ways to my heart aren't fancy, romantic gestures. They're clean laundry, which the Hubs does 90% of in our home. It's clean dishes and kitchen counters after I've cooked a meal, it's having my coffee graciously made every morning with the right amount of sugar and milk, and it's having the Hubs run random errands with me when I know he'd probably rather do anything else. I remember one of my older co-workers explain how she knew her husband was the one as "if I asked him to crawl around in the backyard and cut the grass with  finger nail clippers with me, well, he probably would because we just love being together. What we're doing isn't that important as long as we're together." That conversation was almost 14 years ago and I can still hear the sincerity and love in her voice.  I knew in that moment that's what I wanted as well.

Do I need romantic sunsets and poetry to sweep my heart away? Nah. Just give me sprinkle donut, my coffee just the way I like it and some silly errands while we laugh our way through Target together and I'm a happy wife and mom.

How about you?

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