Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mothers and Sons

For my birthday, the Hubs gave me many thoughtful gifts including tickets to see one of my favorite groups, Straight No Chaser (thanks!). Amongst the many gifts was a small book entitled Mothers and Sons.

Well this week during a quiet moment with my Munchie, I pulled out the book and read aloud a few of the pages from this momma to my son. And by the time the Hubs came back into the room, I had watery eyes and a sniffly nose thanks to sweetness of what lay on those pages.

Their words were so simple, but almost too much for this new-ish mom. So as we head into another wonderful Mother's Day, I thought I'd share a few of them with you all. Maybe you're a new mom like me and these words will serve as learning tool and a sweet guide, or maybe you're the mom of grown children and this will serve as a wonderful reminder of those precious moments in time that you'll enjoy reliving, even if for a minute.

So to all the mothers of sons...

Those fingers...
Lost it on this one. I can still remember searching crowds for my parents' faces and to know that I am now the face being sought after is an incredible feeling. Forever isn't long enough.
Yes, ma'am. Every day.
I do believe this is the first one that made me cry.
And I believe and claim this one 100%. No one looks at me like he looks at me.
Like he's studying my face as though he's trying to memorize it and my every emotion. Priceless.


No truer words. Blown away.
Who else do you love SO much that your first thought every single time your eyes open at daybreak is the make sure that person is still a part of your world. I still check, almost every night or morning to make sure he's safe and cozy.

Guilty as charged.
This one made me cry too knowing that this is something that Munchie will
not only share with his dad, but may also crave with his dad.
They have so much fun together.  
Even when their acrobatics make my heart stop for a second.


When someone's smiles can wreck your heart for the better,
almost as much as their tears, that's unconditional love.
Smile forever, sweet boy. And cry whenever you need.

I can get lost in his tiny toes and the dimples on his hands.
And I will never not sing to him even when my voice scratches or hits notes not known to man.
I will never not tell him he's perfectly made by imperfect parents and a perfect God.  
I will never not be there for him in body, by phone or by prayer.
This sweet boy makes the best blanket. Ever.
Special thanks to Alyssa and Ethan at Little Sprouts for helping Nash craft my first, ever Mother's Day art. It melted my heart and I'll keep it forever.
Cheers to Mothers and Sons!



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