Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Name Game

As the always entertaining Show and Tell series continues compliments of Andrea at Momfessionals.com, today we're talking names. What's in a name, you ask? Well, it's a lot more than I ever thought possible until being tasked with naming someone this past year.

I can vividly remember telling my husband pre-pregnancy "picking out a name should be fun. I mean, I guarantee there aren't any parents who wake up 7 years after naming their son only to look at him one morning and think "man, you are totally NOT a Matthew. We blew it! Sorry, Steven." Honestly though, once our name game began, the pressure and realization of all that goes into a name began to freak me out a bit. Not freak me out in a bad way, but I knew that we had one shot to get this right. And thus began the great name debate of 2014.

Side note-Had our son been a girl, it would've been a done deal. I have had the name Kensington Grace aka Kensie Grace picked out since 1999 when I drove past a gorgeous neighborhood entitled Kensington Woods. Cool neighborhood=I shall name my child after you. Super meaningful decision making up in here, right?

Boy names? Those just didn't come as easy to me.

As we threw around name after name, one name kept rising to the surface...Nash. I knew that I wanted our son's name to have meaning and with our family names not really striking our fancy, I started to brainstorm places that have meant something to us as a couple. With the Hubs and I dating long distance from Illinois to South Carolina, a perfect meeting place was Nashville. We had great friends who lived there, we loved the vibe and all the city had to offer, we found my engagement ring in the music city, and thus the name Nash was born.

With Nash being a bit different and a little edgy, we knew we wanted something classic to really anchor the name. And so I did what any good momma to be does, I hit up Baby Names for Dummies. And it didn't take me long to find the perfect middle name for Nash...Alexander. With a few scares over the first 10 weeks of my pregnancy, there were times when I thought for sure our little peanut was gone. And yet every time they'd have me rush in for an ultrasound, there he'd be. Heartbeat and all. In those moments, I thanked God profusely and dubbed our baby a fighter.

With Alexander meaning "defender of men", the minute I read those words, I just knew that was his middle name. To defend someone you must be willing to fight for them. I also knew that as a mom, some of my prayers for this child would be that he will grow to love and know Jesus, that he will fight for what he believes in, that he would become a man among men defending those he loves and those who may not be able to defend themselves, both in his words, his actions and his service to others. And it didn't hurt that our newphew, Alex, is simply one cool dude who makes the moniker equally as cool.

Just like that, on Aug. 13th, Nash Alexander came into this world and stole our hearts. And I can assure you I have yet to look at him and think "Man, you're totally a Steven. We blew it."

Names that did not make the cut, but one or the both of us really liked (or hated):
Meyers (My maiden name)
Harrison (we both loved this one, but I couldn't get passed Harry)
Shep (I got a lot of flack for that one, but I stand by it)
Nash Alexander


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