Monday, March 23, 2015

The Big Feelings

I cannot be creative today. I'm tapped out. I'm done.

It's been one of those days when you have so much to do and yet you don't know where to start so you "start" a million things and finish zero of them. If it's any indicator on how my day has gone, my left eye will not stop twitching thanks to stress. Good times.

What does that mean for you? You get to "listen" to someone else for a change, which is most likely a treat for you;) And because I love this woman/author/blogger/speaker directly into my soul, I think her words are golden and say so many things that are too good and too profound not to share.

If you're a mom or you love or are married to a mom or have ever had a mom, take 3 minutes to read her thoughts. They are true and necessary and speak validation. Even on down to the tiny detail of how Subaru commercials slay me and make me irrationally happy or an ooey, gooey mess. Side note, who are those brilliant writers at Subaru and why are they not eligible for an Oscar?!

Thanks for your words, Jen Hatmaker, and for uniting us around the BIG FEELINGS in the small moments that make up our lives now. You're simply the best.

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