Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday High Fives

It's been a rough one, folks. There was a sick chicken little, boatloads of coughs and more snot than I like to see in a given year, and a LOT of scrambling to make schedules work with having to keep the Munch home for 4 days, BUT we made it!

We made it, thanks to the following:
  • A surprise baby shower for a couple in our church group. They're parents to twin, 2 year old boys and a soon to be princess in a few weeks. They've graciously opened their home to host our group for almost two years, so it was only right that we turn the tables and "host" a little shower for their precious girl. The husband helped us surprise his wife with a shower after our church service and it was so fun to bless them with unexpected gifts. Selfishly, I had the best time shopping in the pink sections. This boy-momma could've gone nuts amongst the frills, fluff and bows, but I showed retrain somehow.

  • Coffee. I'm not sure why, but lately as my head hits my pillow at night, I get a little surge of happiness knowing there is coffee awaiting me the next morning. Simple pleasures.
  • Trying a new "clean" eating meal on Wednesday night. It was delicious and will now go into the rotation. Think a wintry meal of chicken breasts, red potatoes, peppers, asparagus, onions and multi-color carrots all baked together. Yum!
  • The Bachelor, Women Tell All- The Hubs hates this episode and all the complaining, but me? I love it. Bring on the finale in just 3 days!

  • Munchie snuggles. Our little man is always quite snuggly, but he was super cuddly this week. I melted every time he tried to burrow into my chest as I held him. I'm trying to really relish these moments as I know I'll blink and he'll struggle to fit in my lap. Until that day comes, I'll hug that boy tight as long as he lets me.
  • My sister-in-law who kept Nash two afternoons so that the Hubs and I could each work one full day. We had been splitting the day and working from home for a few hours, so having Sonia care for him so we could focus on our jobs was such a blessing. It meant more than she knows, I'm certain.

  • Mini powdered sugar donuts. Why are they so good? And why are they so small that you eat like 5 before you realize what's happened?! It's so not fair. If loving them is wrong, I don't want to be right.
  • The new show "Secrets and Lies". I needed a new show in my life like I needed more mini donuts on my boo-tay, but dang it, it was good! I love a good murder who-dun-it story, so this is right up my alley. Check it out if you haven't already.

  • Finally a country song that does NOT include drinking beer or someone's small town. I've been so sick of the country stuff lately, that was until this new song by Sam Hunt. Thank you, Sam, for actually having a story line and some swag in your lyrics. Take that, Florida Georgia Line.

  • My new custom, wooden canvas that I had the very talented Chic Country Chick make for me. I just love it and always love her work. If you're local check her out!
Happy Friday, Y'all!

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