Monday, February 9, 2015

Train Up A Child

This past Sunday, our sweet boy was dedicated to the church as his grandparents, great grandparents (of which he is so blessed to have three out of the four alive and well), two aunts and two cousins watched from the chapel rows. With our church's belief that you "dedicate babies and baptize believers" it was a special day honoring a special boy in one of the most special areas of his life. Yesterday was just the beginning of a lifelong journey, but it was an important step for us all.

Leading up to Sunday's event, I kept telling Nash that he had a very big day approaching and asking him if he was excited. He seemed as excited as a 5 month old can be, but this momma was more excited than I had anticipated when we scheduled the dedication.

Not only was this day important for him, but maybe even more so for us. As his parents, it was our time to stand on a stage, in front of our pastor and our families and our God and commit this boy to Jesus. It was our time to make our family's faith and his journey known and recognized for accountability sake. Come what may, our child will grow to know Jesus. He will learn what it means to follow and love him. He will learn that prayers are powerful and no matter how many times we forget it, He is in control and loves us beyond what our earthly minds can comprehend. Yesterday was not only Nash's dedication, but our's as well. And when the times comes and he decides to take that next step, we will once again stand by and watch him take the plunge of baptism.

I think my favorite part of the ceremony was hearing the pastor share what he had researched and learned based on each child's name, and had then chosen scripture that reflected their name. It was such a personal touch that I wasn't aware was going to happen, which made it all the more special. He shared that Nash meant "by the ash tree" and how bats and clubs used to be made with ash in biblical times to make them strong and able to withstand impact. He also explained that Alexander meant "defender of men", which is the reason that we chose that as his middle name. Therefor, he shared, Nash Alexander signified a "strong defender" and hand selected a verse just for Nash which we'll frame and keep in his room, as well as pray over him and with him.

The pastor also took a moment to speak to the dads and shared that the love and bond between a father and his son is so important and how it can play a major role in how our son will grow to view his relationship with his heavenly father. He urged the dads that three of the most important things they can say to their children are: I love you, I'm proud of you, and you're so great at _____. As a mom, it was a unique glimpse for me into the dynamic of father and child.

After the ceremony concluded, we went back to our home for a late brunch to celebrate with our family where he received very thoughtful gifts and lots of snuggle time. And as the day went on, a few sweet friends from near and far sent texts wishing him well and sharing in his day. It really was one of my favorite days thus far with our little Munchie.

Thanks to all who shared in his day!

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in which way he should go: and when he is older, he will not depart from it.

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