Friday, February 27, 2015

Life Lately

My life lately:
  • I got to see my little bro three times in the last 5 days, which is always a perk of both of us  after 5 years of only seeing each other once a year (if we were lucky). Watching my brother with our son has been such a fun thing to witness. Tanner is almost always the first one to pick up the Munch or to unbuckle him out of his car seat as we enter a room. I think they're going to make years of memories together, and most likely get into some trouble together. Can't you see their quickly forming bond shine through these pics? Love.

  • Brrrr. This morning it was -15 as I got ready for work. Not -15 wind-chill. Straight up -15 degrees. And you know what's the crazy part about it? No one even batted an eye. There was no threat of school closures, no panic. Just mind-numbing cold. A few weeks ago we would've prayed for no school. A month later, we're all just to dead to it. Fabulous.

  • You know you're no longer a southerner when you scroll through Facebook and see school closures and delayed start times for cold temps in the teens, and you look up from your phone and realize that you're rocking flats without socks in 9 degree weather and hadn't thought twice about it. I'm either nuts or becoming an eskimo. Probably a combination of both.

  • As I snapped a photo of my foot (see above), the Hubs states "you better check that photo for foot crust-a-funk before you post that thing anywhere." Hmmm. Two things 1) Do I usually have foot crust-a-funk, whatever that may be? 2) After further inspection, we dubbed the foot image "all good", thankfully.

  • This little man has lived outside of my office window through two awful winters. He'll be sitting amongst the snow with -25 wind-chill and it breaks my heart. I can see him shivering under his fur and I want to bring him inside so badly. Think anyone would notice?

  • It was my mom's 60th Birthday on Monday night and we celebrated with her over delicious fish tacos at Tavern on Clark. Happy Bday, mom! Now please stop it with the birthdays. We must not age a single year more. I refuse to give in to this whole time thing.

Have a great weekend full of family, friends, above zero temps, smuggling wildlife into your offices,  and crust-a-funk-less feet, y'all!!

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