Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fast Food Free in 2015

During a recent trip that required airport travel, the Hubs and I found ourselves looking for healthy lunch options in the O'Hare airport amongst the temptations of a quick, grab and go meal from the fast food options surrounding our gate. Both of us were successful and chose wraps and salads over delicious fries and burgers, but it got the ball rolling for a conversation thrown out by the Hubs on the return leg of our trip.

"I want to go fast food free this year" declared the Hubs.

"Hmmm. Interesting" I said. "How would that work?"

"I just won't eat fast food. I'll still eat at Subway or something similar where I can get a healthier, non-fried sandwich, but no fast food" he shared.

Hmmm. Still interesting and slightly intrigued.

"Okay. That sounds kind of fun. "Fast food free in 2015 kind of rhymes. I'll do it too!" I declared.

"You're going to give up Chick-Fil-A?" questioned the Hubs.

Hmmm. Yes. I mean, maybe. But is Chick-Fil-A really and truly fast food? They have fresh flowers on the tables so clearly that isn't fast food. Right?

"Well, I'll participate with the exception of Chick-Fil-A" I stated.

Hubs looks at me out of the corner of his eye as if to disqualify me from the "fast food free in 2015" club. Oh, okay, so now you're not only a member, but  you're also the President of this cool, kids club? I see. Clearly I missed the elections.

With utter confidence I proclaim "Yep. I'm in but I can do Chick-Fil-A once a month. And also Beef-A-Roo too.  I need those cheddar fries in my life. And Moe's when we see one since they have fresh, healthy options. And maybe like one McGriddle every 6 months, But I'm totally in! Fast food free in 2015! Completely. With a few tweaks on the rules."

Hmmm. Interesting. That's not really what I had in mind shown the Hub's face.

Hindsight, it appears my membership into the Free in 2015 club was short lived. Like 2.5 minutes short lived. But I seriously considered it for, I don't know, maybe 1.75 minutes out of those 2.5. That has to count for something, right??? I swear I could feel my cholesterol levels drop dramatically for those 2.5 minutes.

So there you have it, friends, my public proclamation to be "Fast food free in 2015 with the exception of nuggets, waffle fries, Moe's tacos, cheddar fries and two lonely McGriddles."

This is going to be a great and completely healthy year! I can already feel it.

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