Thursday, January 29, 2015

All Good Things

...must come to an end. Which I think is absolute crap, to be honest. Why can't all good things never end? Just my humble opinion.

Tonight a small sliver of my heart will forever be laid to rest. Tonight, my favorite TV family will say goodbye to all of their beloved followers and I am just beside myself. Yes, my friends, Parenthood is drawing to a much too soon close tonight. For, like ever.

I have a pit in my stomach and am nervous to see if the rumors are true with one of my Bravermans passing away. Say it ain't so, Zeke? Say it ain't so, Sarah? No seriously, it better not be so. I shall need counseling if they kill off Zeke tonight.

So until tomorrow, this is about as creative as my in-mourning mind can scrap up. It's just too much.

Check back in tomorrow as I say goodbye to my wannabe family, the amazing Bravermans. They just don't make 'em any better than that.

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